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How hard are AP tests if you have taken the honors version of them?

For instance, if I take Honors Chemistry, how challenging will I find the AP Chem exam?


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2 years ago

So I have only taken a single AP test as a rising junior the AP WH exam and from that experience and that relayed to me by my teacher it largely depends on your study habits and your writing skills if there is an essay component. More likely than not any chem class could likely get you to a 3. I largely knew most of the practice exams for AP WH through orevious knowledge but that isn’t likely the case for chem. As for the write it really depends on the prompt a few years ago there was a prompt about cricket or badminton in India that year not a whole lot of 5s were given but it also depends on your writing skill and study habits.

So in summary if you get above an 87% in honors chem and if there is a writing prompt you consiently do well on essays you can likely easily get a 4/5. If it is through the school and not online I see no reason to not take it assuming you can afford the test but the test is cheaper than a college class so I’d recommend it. Also if you are going into a field like history or English it may not be useful but any medical or stem field it is a good idea.

Sorry for the rambling!

Hope this helps and comment if you need clarification.

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Hi so I've taken honors chem as a sophomore and this past year I took AP Chem and along with the exam. While chem honors definitely goes over topics that are crucial for the AP exam, you'll really need to devote time outside of class to study like an AP student. AP chemistry covers more topics like acid base reactions, applications of thermochemistry, electrochemistry (at least at my school) so if you want to take the AP chem exam you should talk to your honors chem teacher to see which topics overlap and which you'll need to learn on your own.

The absolute best thing you can do is take advantage of college board resources like their AP chem youtube playlist and especially past AP Chem FRQs (which you can find by searching up "AP chem frq archive").

Honors chem gives you a good foundation, but AP chem is notoriously challenging so if you want to pass you'll have to put in the extra time to practice.


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