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about 1 year ago
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Does CollegeVine factor in CC classes when determining coursework?

will have 13 College classes and 10 AP Classes by end of senior year... yet collegevine says thats below average at UCB.


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about 1 year ago

Yes, CC classes are factored in. That could still be below the average for UCB (although the course-load section is skewed depending on the availability and normal rigor of classes at YOUR SCHOOL, which CollegeVine can’t factor in).

about 1 year ago

Do you also have any honors courses? College classes seem to be weighted a bit lower than AP classes (since they’re most often taken at community colleges). So like CollegeVine might be seeing 10 AP classes, 0 honors classes, and a bunch of community college classes (which have diminishing value over large bunches). Depending on your demographic, that could very well be below UCB. A student that has 10 APs but no honors classes (like all other ones were just regular courses) probably would have a more depressed course profile, despite having a strong pool of APs.


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