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6 days ago
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Hey! I am a freshman in high school, my goal is to get into top-tier colleges. I play guitar; music is my life, but I also love writing too. I need to get more involved with extra-circulars and make myself known.. any advice?

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@looneytunes5 days ago

For music, you could form a band, join a band, or teach classes for kids. You can also enter a writing competition or join your school newspaper.

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6 days ago

Hi @aleyna !

You should consider joining clubs at your school related to your interests. Also, there are plenty of writing competitions and possibly guitar competitions, consider competing in those. Tutoring younger kids in either guitar, writing, or any other subject you're good at is a good option too. There is so much that you could do. My best advice though would be to look up extra opportunities that you want to participate in.


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