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In college vine, what tier of competition is iGEM considered to be on?

iGem is the international genetically engineered machines competition. You have to design some form of genetically engineered machine and present it. There’s actually details about it on college vine, but I can’t find what EC level it is for the chances simulator.

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@maria199 days ago

What exactly is the caterogy for iGem? What are some contributions you did for iGem?

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Hi! As of yet I haven’t competed, but I am going to this year. Our first day is on Saturday.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@BattlePans9 days ago

I have it in the Non-Art competitions categoryz

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9 days ago

Because iGEM is international and prestigious competition, it belongs to either Tier1 or Tier2 based on your achievement.

9 days ago[edited]

Tier two activities are more impressive and for most students represent the top level of achievement. Candy Crush


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