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I am receiving emails from current students at universities I’m interested in applying to asking if I have any questions about the school or admissions process( I am a junior in HS)- that I can contact them via email and some have their ph#, personal blogs, and some of them volunteer in the admissions office. Is this legit interest or just another way to get me to apply (these universities I am in contact via email with the coaches of the sport I am in)? (I have a 4.45 weighted gpa in IB classes).

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I am really sorry to inform you that that is just another way to get you apply to their universities. They send that information to everyone.

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Thanks so much!

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For the most part, these are just generic marketing emails that many other high school students receive. However, getting them may be a sign that you are academically qualified for the schools.

Colleges around the country may already have data about you if you have taken the SAT, ACT, or AP exams. This is because companies like College Board sell some student data to colleges. Colleges prioritize sending marketing emails to applicants who meet certain criteria they are looking for, e.g. being locating in an underrepresented state like North Dakota. You may be receiving emails from universities because you meet these criteria, though there is no way to know for certain.

In any case, talking with current students at universities you are interested in applying to is a great idea. If you ask them what they enjoy about their school, you may learn valuable insider facts to write about in your "Why Our School" essays.

Hope this helps!

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