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Please help me (upward grade trend)

I am a current sophomore. During freshman year, due to some hard, hard, personal issues, I had a 2.0 GPA. In my first semester of sophomore year, I had an 89% GPA because I was still having those issues at the beginning of the semester. Now, it's my second semester of sophomore year and I have a 4.0 for this semester. My overall GPA as of right now is 2.4, but at the end of junior year, when I apply to colleges at the beginning of my senior year, my GPA will be around 3.3. I am taking 3 AP classes next year and one college course. I also have really good extracurricular activities. Without freshman year, my GPA would be around 3.8-395. What do I do? My overall GPA is affecting my whole entire chance of getting into my dream college because of my freshman year when I had major, major hardships. What do I do?

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Hi @GLastName!

This is not an uncommon situation; many students face similar issues in one or the other semester in high school. The good thing is that you've shown an upward trend. The application will have a place allotted for describing unusual circumstances that have affected your life. Your low freshman-year GPA won't completely ruin your chances of getting into your dream school.

Hope this helps!

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An upward trend makes a difference with respect to getting accepted into college in the same way a downward trend in grades can get your rejected. It’s one of many factors like GPA, course rigor, senior year schedule, that colleges consider when assessing an applicant’s academic profile.

An upward trend shows improvement and the ability to incorporate habits into your routine that improve your study/testing/academic skills.

Don’t expect too much though if your grade trend started really low (C or lower) as there’s not much way to recover from that no matter how high your grades get in the end.

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