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3 days ago
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should i email UCSB to switch my major preference or is it too late?

hi guys! i submitted my UCSB freshman application for fall 2024 a few months ago. i was hoping to switch my second choice major preference, and i saw on their website that sending them an email would work. i was planning on doing this, but i'm not sure if it might be a bad idea or too late to do so considering that application decisions will be released in a few days. i think that changing the major to something that my application is more based around may work better in my favor, i am just worried it is too late. what should i do?

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3 days ago

Hi @tacocat1!

The decisions would probably have been made by now, so it's too late. If you want to try just for the sake of it, you can email them.

Hope this helps!


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