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3 days ago
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Am I Too Late?

It's embarrassing to admit, but up until my junior year, I had no idea what the point of AP classes were. I figured they were classes that people who wanted to test themselves would take. I was never interested in taking any until this year, when I enrolled into AP Art History. I've realized now that there is such an importance in taking AP classes that I should have known about. With only one AP done before senior year, I worry that my chances of admission are shrinking. I decided to sign up for three AP classes next year, but still worry that my rigor won't catch up in time. Am I too late for my chances at my target universities?


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2 days ago

Hey there @marieb!

At my school, you're only allowed to take one AP class before junior year anyway, and even in junior year, the options are pretty limited. Most people don't take too many APs in 9-10th grade. It really depends what your target universities are. Ivy Leagues and other very prestigious schools say they like applicants who have taken around eight or more AP classes, but what they really want to know is if you challenged yourself in high school. That being said, they don't want to see that you got poor grades in AP classes. So really, it depends on what your target schools are, how well you do in AP classes/on the AP exams, and how much you challenged yourself in school.


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