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Highschool Course Selection and Foreign Language

Do you need to take 3 years of foreign language at high school to be considered for top schools? My school does not require me to take Spanish in Junior year. If I want to take an additional AP class, then I have no choice but to drop either Music or Spanish. I would like to keep Music as I am trying to get into the honor society.

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11 months ago

Many colleges only require two years of a language, but it's best to take four years of one because it shows your commitment to it. Dropping a language isn't like dropping a fourth year of math (for example) because you're going into art. Anyone can use it! I think that 3-4 years of Spanish, along with being in this honor society/taking music, will make you a stronger candidate than just an additional AP class. If you're only taking it to take more APs and strengthen your coursework, I wouldn't unless you aren't taking any other APs or it's relevant to your intended major. If your school offers it and if you're willing to give up time and possibly pay for it, you might be able to take some courses over the summer to have more schedule space.

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