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What classes should I take senior year?

I know I'm going to take AP Lit, AP Physics, and JROTC, but I don't know about the rest of them.

Should I take AP Calculus AB or BC?

Should I take AP Biology, Dual Enrollment Biology, or AP Psychology? Will it look bad if I take DE Bio instead of AP? Would it look bad if I took AP Psych instead of a college course biology?

Should I take Dual Enrollment Anatomy or Human and Physiology Honors?

If I don't take AP Bio and have an extra free period, should I take Spanish III Honors? I heard that colleges expect three or more foreign language classes, but I started late in sophomore year.

I'm trying to go premed by the way.


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a year ago

I am a junior as well, however I have talked to friends and other students, who are seniors, for advice. As a senior, you would most likely be applied to your top choice colleges by the new year. I have heard people recommend not to try and put too much on your plate for your senior year for this and other reasons. I have heard AP Calc BC is definitely a challenge toward the end of the year which is not ideal (graduation, etc.) and I have heard AB is an easier exam as well. Dual enrollment anatomy sounds best for a Premed future, which is what some of my friends are taking now. Spanish III honors is what I took last year, and I definitely think that is doable (really easy). And then, AP Biology or Dual Enrollment Biology is up to you. I hope this helps, I am currently trying to do the same for next year, good luck!

a year ago

BC is AB but with a few more concepts, plus you get a subscore for AB, so if you can handle BC you should take it. The course and exam breakdowns are on Collegeboard's website. AP Bio is better than DE in my opinion for premed, you will have stronger coursework and have transferrable credits as long as you work hard in that class and get a 4/5 on the exam. That's not to say DE is bad, I think you're better off taking that or AP Bio than Psych, but you will probably get more value out of AP. But DE Anatomy might be better than honors since you're still earning college credit. Yes, many colleges only require 2 years of a language, but 3-4 are ideal no matter your major.

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