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Important Update: Expert Answers are going away (for now!)

Dear CollegeVine Community Members,

We hope this message finds you well on your college admissions journey. We appreciate the time and effort you’ve invested in our community forum, making it a supportive and helpful environment for students, parents, and educators alike. As we continually strive to improve our platform and deliver the best possible experience, we sometimes need to make changes to our features and services.

Today, we’d like to inform you that we have made the decision to phase out the "Expert Answers" feature on the CollegeVine community forum, at least as it exists currently. While we understand that many of you have found value in this feature, we believe that redirecting our resources and focus towards other areas of the platform will better serve our entire community in the long run.

Please note that starting from March 24, 2023, you will no longer be able to spend your Karma on Expert Answers. However, we encourage you to continue participating in the forum, asking questions, and offering your knowledge to help others. Your accumulated Karma points will still hold value, and we’ll be introducing new ways for you to use them in the near future.

As we say goodbye to Expert Answers in its current form, we want to emphasize that the heart of CollegeVine lies within our community. We remain committed to fostering a space where students can find support, guidance, and encouragement from peers and experts alike. Our team is actively exploring new ways to enhance the forum experience and provide even more valuable resources to support your academic journey.

We understand that this change may raise some questions or concerns. Please feel free to reach out to us at support@collegevine.com, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we work together to create an even better CollegeVine experience.

Yours in guidance,

The CollegeVine Team

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a year ago

Hi! I asked a question before this, do you think it will still be able to get answered?

🎤a year ago

Hey @raygun! Yes, any questions posted before the Expert Answers feature is removed will receive a response as expected.

a year ago

Alright, thanks!


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