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If someone has done many AP classes but did not submit the AP scores

If someone has taken many AP classes but chooses not to submit their AP scores, is it less likely for them to be considered for an Ivy League school?

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Most probably. While AP scores aren't the most important factor in college admissions, some colleges will think that the reason why you didn't submit your scores is because you got a 1 or 2. It might be better for you to submit your highest scores and not submit the lower scores.

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It may possibly lower your chances, but if you have a good GPA and standardized test score, I doubt it will make a big difference. If you think about it, these Ivy League AOs see high AP scores all the time, so it doesn't really impress them; therefore, not submitting one can potentially save their time (since they have so many applications to go through). Also, I've seen a student get accepted into Brown's PLME program (2% acceptance rate, only ~80 people get in) without submitting AP scores (he took around 13).

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