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Is an American Voices Award elligble to apply for National Student Poet?

I won a National American Voices Award for Scholastic Art & Writing. I am also invited to the National Events Week celebration, which I have registered for.

The Scholastic website says that students who receive a Gold or Silver Medal in the poetry category may be nominated for the National Student Poets Program. I want to know if I can qualify to be nominated based on my circumstances.

My dashboard only shows that I have won a National American Voices Medal, but I have also seen students who have had a submission win an American Voices Award and a Gold or Silver Award, and on my certificate, it says 'We are pleased to present this Gold Medal' to you.

So is a National American Voices Award on par with a Gold Award or less prestigious than a Gold Award? If yes, do I still qualify for a nomination for the National Student Poets program?


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2 months ago

Hey there @keeks!

I've only won a Silver Medal, never Gold or American Voices, so I'm not entirely sure, but I think the American Voices/Visions awards are more prestigious because fewer people receive them. I do not, however, know if they qualify for National Student Poets Program. If it says on your certificate that they're "pleased to present this Gold Medal," then I think you probably do qualify for the program. You may be able to send an email to ask.

Congratulations on your award, by the way. :)


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