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is Wall Street 101 pre-college program at Bentley University prestigious program?

I got accepted to this program, they awarded me a 10% scholarship.

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a year ago

During a summer program known as Thrive Scholars, I did a college tour with my peers at Bentley and it was alright.

I wouldn't say Bentley is super prestigious (their acceptance rate is 60%) and its campus is moderately new looking compared to its older more prestigious counterparts. Imo, nothing really noteworthy about Bentley stood out, but I am a STEM major so I would not know too much about what goes into a good business school.

While having programs on your resume for college applications is good, I would hold off a bit and see if you can get into more business-related prestigious programs (ex: Georgetown, Stanford, BU, Berkeley, etc). College vine has a whole article listed here: https://blog.collegevine.com/high-school-business-summer-programs. Non-business related programs could work just as well such as JHU's CTY programs, Thrive Scholars, etc. Even interning under a professor at a local community college and getting your name on a research paper would work just as well and most likely be free !

However, if neither option is viable, this program might be a good fit. While not "prestigious", it shows you have interest in business/economics, and would look good on a resume.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

Wall Street 101 is a prestigious program, especially because it offers scholarships. Earning one is an accomplishment that makes your acceptance look even better. Hope this helps!

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