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IVY LEAGUE Admissions for the Class of 2027 continue to drop to historical lows.

Every cycle I take an educated guess at what the Ivy League acceptance rates will be. Based on the ED and REA rates my 2023 IVY DAY Spring edition predicts the following rates.

Cornell - 7.00% versus 7.26% (More accurate estimate is 7.34%)

Dartmouth - 5.65% vs. 6.24% (6.07% was Actual)

UPenn - 5.6% vs 6.33% (More accaurate Estimate is 6.02%)

Brown - 4.55% vs 5.03% (5.09% is Actual)

Princeton - 4.25% vs 4.69% (Way off here, Princeton newspaper thinks it's 5.87% and was 5.72% last year)

Yale - 4.15% vs 4.46% (4.35% is Actual)

Columbia 3.9% vs 3.73% (3.93% is Actual so this is the only one I got perfectly correct)

Harvard 3.1% vs 3.19% (3.41% is Actual)

Except for Columbia, I think the other 7 rates will drop. Columbia suffered some bad PR last year for not reporting stats correctly to US News and for that I feel they will get fewer applications this cycle.

Collectively I think the average Ivy admit rate will be 4.74% vs 5.12% This trend will continue indefinitely until the Ivy League decides to grow their undergraduate programs and build more dorms and hire more professors to teach. Eventually, we will see in 5 years a consolidation/compaction of admit rates between the 2s and 5s.

I think the Oxford/Cambridge model is a better one because each has 35-40 separate colleges and while some colleges are more Elitist than others (eg Christchurch, Magdalen) everyone who attends still gets the same Oxford or Cambridge degree. Plus the admit rates are 13-15% overall.

Food for thought on perhaps considering applying to top International schools.

Concluding remarks after Ivy day. It was a mixed bag with some softening of admit rates. Overall they remained very close to the rates of the last 2 cycles.

I think your estimates are high
I thnk your estimates are low
I think you are correct in your estimates
I'm not applying to Ivys so I don't care how difficult they are
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@CameronBameron What are your thoughts on Stanford? It's not an Ivy League hence why it wasn't mentioned here, but I'm curious to see how much you think admit rates will drop.

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IMO Stanford is always in between Harvard and Yale, and in line with MIT and Columbia admit rates. My best guess would be a 3.65% admit rate this cycle which is not that different from last cycle.


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