2 years ago
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I failed my AP test

i got a 2 on my ap macroeconomics test. however, i don't want to go into this field: I want to be an art history major. Will not sending in this score affect my chances at places like Barnard or NYU? Thanks


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2 years ago

Hi! Am in the same boat as you—I got a 1 on my AP Microeconomics exam (due to reasons with my submission), and plan on pursuing a Biological Sciences major in College.

It's important to know that for the most part, most institutions won't require you to self-report your AP scores in your application. However, more selective institutions such as Barnard or NYU might require you to self-report your scores. In this case, it's okay to leave out 1-2 scores that you weren't satisfied with (such as your Macro score), according to PrepScholar (see: https://blog.prepscholar.com/do-colleges-look-at-ap-scores-for-admission).

For NYU specifically, you might end up having to submit your score report if you've been admitted, in order to bypass the University's standard testing requirement. In this case, you can pay the CollegeBoard a $10 fee to hide your AP Macro score before you submit the report. This might also apply to other colleges.

Hope this helped! Let me know if you have questions.

2 years ago

When you fill out your application there isn't an actual spot that requires you to submit/report your AP scores. You can submit all/some/none of your scores if that's what you want to do. Your actual grade in the class has a much more significant impact on your chances than your score on the test.

NYU does allow you to submit 3 AP scores instead of the SAT or ACT so that is an option for you depending on if you took other AP tests. I can't find anything on their website that states you need to send in all of the scores which makes me believe you could self-report and leave out the 2. One of the scores needs to be in Humanities/Literature, another needs to be from Math/Science, and then the 3rd can be from whatever you want. Obviously this route only works if you've taken more APs and I'd only go this way if you scored 4/5s (preferably 5s) on the others or if you did poorly on the SAT/ACT.

Long story short, this will have essentially 0 impact on your chances unless you decide you want to submit the 2.


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