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Is regular decision viable if you want colleges to see your 12th grade second-semester classes?

Hi, I'm currently a junior in high school right now and I'm hoping to apply to UNC-Chapel Hill. Throughout high school, I've taken almost all honors courses and have a 4.45 weighted GPA (4.0 unweighted), but I've only taken one AP course so far: AP Computer Science Principles. Next year (senior year), I will take AP Calculus and AP Psychology. The way AP Calculus works at my school is that you take the honors companion course during your first semester, and then the actual AP Calculus class during your second semester. Should I go for early action to help my chances, or wait for regular decision so that the schools can see the second-semester class on my application? Thanks in advance.

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2 months ago

Hi! Yes submit early! You submit your second semester stuff in your final transcript which comes after you graduate so it wouldn't matter :) Its better to do it earlier on though, make sure to check their deadlines as well!


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