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Choosing majors, financial security or passion?

I'm having a dilemma.

I am someone who loves space and the universe, I also do a lot to learn about it, so naturally, I gravitate towards two majors: Aerospace Engineering and Planetary Sciences (I want to go to Purdue). There is a demand for Aerospace Engineers so I do expect to get paid well if I go into that field, but Planetary Sciences is so appealing. What I want to do is study quantum physics and black holes, but there isn't much financial security in research (according to what I've seen).

I initially planned on going to Aerospace, getting a job in that field, and once I'm stable I'd move into research. It seemed good at first, but slowly my love for engineering has been fading away and it doesn't seem appealing enough for me to be putting in so much hard work for it when I can be putting in work for what I truly love all the same. I am very good at math and science and typically take advanced classes in them, I have been taking engineering classes in my high school since freshman year, and I have taken some college courses on Astrophysics. I also plan on starting a blog on exploring the universe in a astrophysical and spiritual sense, as I also enjoy studying esoterism and have started my own club for it.

I am very conflicted on what major I should settle on. I have been saying I want to pursue Aerospace Engineering since 8th grade and I know I don't anyone an explanation for this but I'm drifting away from that little by little. I do still enjoy my engineering classes and the process itself, but is it really worth it? It's not like I'd be going into something I dislike with Aerospace Engineering, but it is something I feel as if I might regret later on.

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a year ago

Hi @mehal333!

Applying for a major doesn't bind you to that major for all 4 years of college. Lots of people change their career plans within their majors or even change their majors completely. The choices you're discussing are very much related, so there shouldn't be a "complete major change" issue.

One thing you can do is to major in one of aerospace/astrophysics and minor in the other. Alternatively, you can double major in both of them.

Hope this helps!

a year ago

So I have had a conflict between majors as well, something to keep in mind is it is possible to do two majors with one minor instead of one major with two minors. Maybe years down the road, you might find a job that allows you to work in all aspects of your interests. If you are deadset on choosing one, choose what you are passionate about, but don't give up on the other either, maybe try taking it as a minor or take a minor or two related to that.

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