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Here's the latest Class of 2027 Acceptance Rates for T100 collleges

Some are my guesses for now but I'll update this every couple of days until the list is as complete as possible. The key takeaway is that there is still a huge amount of downward pressure on acceptance rates because more people are applying now that the pandemic is leveled off and there are no travel restrictions. Most colleges are still TEST OPTIONAL so everyone is still shooting their shot. Some colleges like Tulane, NEastern, and USC are strategically using ED, EDII to get really decent yields but low admit rates for RD. NEastern is #44 and NWestern is #10 but their admit rates are identical. Many students are foolishly lining up to get into NEastern when they should be trying to get into schools with better reputations and academics. UMich, UVA, UCSB, Notre Dame, WashU, and Rochester are much better schools than Tulane and NEastern and are easier to get into as well.

Harvard 3.10%

Columbia 3.90%

Yale 4.15%

Princeton 4.25%

Brown University 4.55%

MIT 4.68%

UPenn 5.57%

Dartmouth 5.65%

Johns Hopkins 6.31%

Colby College 6.42%

Swarthmore 6.78%

Cornell 6.93%

NorthWestern - 7.00%

Pomona 7.07%

Barnard College 7.31%

Bowdoin College 7.75%

NYU - 8.00%

UCLA 8.23%

NorthEastern 8.31%

Amherst 9.00%

WashU 9.33%

Tufts 9.50%

USC 9.75%

Williams 9.98%

Emory 10.00%

Boston Univ. 10.70%

UC Berkeley 11.12%

Wash U - 11.68%

Notre Dame 11.99%

Wellesley 13.00%

Tulane 13.00%

USMA Air ForCE 13.37%

Middlebury 13.54%

Boston Coll. 15.09%

Pitzer College - 15.9%

Georgia Tech 16.00%

UVA 16.27%

Colorado Coll. 19.92%

UC Irvine 20.24%

College of the Holy Cross - 21%

Wake Forest 21.83%

Univ. of Richmond 22.00%

UC San Diego 23.69%

Florida State 23.77%

UC Santa Barbara 25.26%

Macalester 27.48%

Lehigh 30.56%

Bucknell College 32.00%

Univ. of Georgia 35.10%

Union Coll. 35.11%

American Univ. 44.00%

Fordham 50.00%


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