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How does applying with AS and A Levels work?

I follow the Cambridge International Examination curriculum. I have finished 7 IGCSE subjects and am currently doing 3 AS levels and 3 A Levels, and am writing them in October. I know I am supposed to apply with predicted AS and A Level grades. But what I am not sure about is should I apply with my IGCSE results? If so, how would I do so on the Common Application? Also, what should I do if my high school doesn't issue transcripts?

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AS and A levels are highly respected in most US universities, if you manage to get good grades. There is a section in common application where the ask you whether your school is exam based, which is your case. You answer positively and you enter your AS and A levels achieved and predicted grades. Your school normally confirms these grades (both achieved and predicted). For the achieved ones some universities require that you send official transcripts to them and you can do that electronically.

Now, the schools want to see your GCSE grades or equivalent. You must equally list them and school (counselors) confirm them. Good luck !

By the way, I assume that AS and A levels are on the same subjects. To increase your chances, if you can, try to sit SAT or ACT plus subject tests because with A levels you can achieve really high score.


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