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A- in AP Computer science principles oh boy

What's up gang sophomore here. To make a long story short, my teacher is giving me an A- because when I tried to turn in a project the website was DOWN so I had to submit it late, but I am not getting any points. Already spoke to him about it.

Many students in my school get an A in the class but i'm left with an A- wondering how bad it is. How screwed am I?

I plan on being a physics major btw

@kat.in.the.shata year ago

An A is an A. No school will decide to admit you because you have an A- instead of an A or A+. Also, they care about way more than just individual grades and even GPA.

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a year ago

Hey there @TopCat!

I wouldn't be worried about an A-, seeing as it's still in the A-range and won't change your GPA too much if you currently have pretty high one. A-'s are still above average. If you're worried about the assignment not getting counted because it was turned in late due to the website being down, you could try talking to the dean of students or head of school about getting your teacher to grade it. The reason you turned it in late was out of your control, so it doesn't make sense that you wouldn't get points for it.

In short, an A- is still a really good, very high grade, but if you want to try to change your grade, I'd recommend talking to an administrator about it.

a year ago

it probably wont affect things like gpa greatly, and it seems like other than this small thing(which sounds more like a misunderstanding) you're pretty strong at CS. i wouldn't be all that worried especially because you are a sophomore!

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