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Should I report my AP Lang Score of 3 for top tier colleges?

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I am applying to some very top tier colleges, but I got a 3 on the AP Lang exam. I took the class too, and I am wondering whether reporting my score would have any negative effect. I also self studied two APs (Physics 1 and Environmental Science) and got 4s.

Does it matter? I am going for applied physics and proved I'm pretty comfortable with interdisciplinary subjects like human geo and apes and very good at hard science. I don't see why a 3 would hurt...

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You can choose not to report specific AP scores thru Common APP or pay college board $10 to hide certain scores. It’s up to you but no I wouldn’t send it unless you’re not applying to competitive colleges. I assume you are, though, and a 3 won’t look very good if you choose to submit it. I wouldn’t.

edit just saw you wrote top tier in the question whoops

Wouldn't it look weird for me not to report an AP exam with a corresponding course but to report two self-study scores?
I don't think I'd get rejected because of a singular 3... my other AP Scores are 5 (Calc AB, Human Geo, Calc BC) and 4 (Physics 1 and APES)... so this is more of an exception. And I still passed.
it’s not a bad grade at all! your choice.. i agree it might raise some suspicious tho worst cause you can say your school made it optional and you didn’t want to take the ap i mean idk
Colleges can only judge you off of what you send in, and AP scores are the lowest priority in terms of tests for offices so don't worry.
my school made ap exams mandatory...
ooh sorry to hear that... honestly just don’t report it is all i can say. otherwise you can report it and deal with the consequences, but colleges don’t really care about the scores anymore. they care more about the grade you got in that cladd
I'm probably not going to submit it (except to Cal State and Colorado State campuses)... Thank you for your help!
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I would take the decision based on which major you are applying in that top tier college. If it is mainly humanities, AP Lang would be an important part, maybe don't report it. If you are mainly intrested in STEM, your 3 would simply demonstrate a well-rounded student. It really depends.

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Since AP Lang is on your transcript already shows you attempted to take the most rigorous class offered in English I think that is good enough. BTW, I'm assuming you got a decent grade in AP Lang like a B or A. Getting a 3 and reporting it doesn't help your narrative at a top tier school. Showing a 4 or 5 supports that. I would just report the 2-4s you received already. Do top tier colleges even give out college credit for a 3? I wasn't aware of that. I thought most Ivys expect a 5 and near Ivys like a 4 or 5. Good Luck.

UC Berkeley and UCLA do...
Wouldn't they think that I was hiding a 1 or a 2? My school has a Mandatory AP Exam policy...
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Do the schools give any awards such as credit or placement for 3s. If so report it as it can shave 3 hours off tuition.

Take a look at this

University of California system does (and I'm likely going there)... ivies and USC don't... so should I just put it on my UC app and not on the common app? Does it even really matter?
I’d watch the video as it comes down to situation and preference. But good luck