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Music Theory and Composition Degree

If I attend Columbia College Chicago, what will the Music Theory and Composition major entail? This question includes: Specifically what will I be learning? What happens to me in this major if I have previous experience? What is the environment like? Will I be creating my own, original compositions while attending?

I have some other questions about your college as well: Socially, what is your college like? (I find that an important part of college is not dreading the people or the thought of going to class). What can my major do for me in the future? Does the Music Theory and Composition professor show passion in his/her work? (I'm not trying to be disrespectful- I'd presume there's a reason you hired her/him- but I noticed it was the Columbia College of Chicago's least attended Major across the board).

Thank you for your time, and get back to me when you can!

Best, Theron Bruce

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