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Help :(

I think it would be too difficult to sum it all up in the question summary so I summed it up with one word: help.

So basically I am now a junior who just recently moved to a new school and country around early 2023. Right now I am doing my course selection and have talked to my guidance counsellor.

Apparently I am missing many credits needed for graduation here, as my previous school had a very different credit requirement . These missing credits are for: foreign language, physical education, and arts. I will be using three of my 8 periods on these 3 courses and here is my final schedule:

AP English Language and Composition

IB Mandarin B SL

AP Calculus BC

AP Physics 1

AP World History or AP Statistics

Outdoor Education

Art Foundation 1

1 Study block

Now my question is, I am able to move back to my previous country and school. Should I move back? Or should I stay here? (Leaving out all other external factors with moving).

If i returned to my previous school my schedule would be:

AP English Lang

AP Calc BC


AP Physics 1

AP World History

AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics together

Senior Seminar

Will moving back benefit me?


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a year ago

There isn't really much difference between your 2 schedules so I wouldn't stress about it. Just do your best with school and keep up your grades and make sure you find enough time to do interesting things outside of school like your ECs and intellectual pursuits.

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