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Any advice on getting into Duke?

I'm a 10th grade high school student and I'm committed to attending Duke University! I remember visiting their campus my freshman year of high school and instantly falling in love...

Does anyone have any general advice on how to get in?

What will increase my chances of acceptance?

What does Duke look for in an applicant?

What is campus life like?

How can I get a full ride or a half-paid scholarship?


I want to major in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology.

Some of my extracurriculars so far include being secretary of my school’s National Honor Society, being part of my school's HOSA chapter, vice president of my school's Red Cross Club, I have an internship at a clinic, 30+ community service hours, and I’ve been doing kickboxing for 5 years. I plan on engaging in more community service and volunteering because I absolutely love volunteering!

In terms of academics, I have a 3.9 unweighted GPA (4.25 weighted), I've taken 8 honors classes and 1 AP class so far (I’m taking APWH, the only ap class my school offers for sophomores. I plan on taking more APs next year), and I'm currently ranked 6th of my class. I will also be taking 3 college courses over the summer.


That's just a little run down of how high school is going for me right now.

Anything helps! Thanks.

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