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What extracurriculars/projects can I do with these passions?

Hello! I need advice. I'm interested in various fields such as Computer Science, Graphic design, Editing, Photography, Community service, Entrepreneurship, Education and Innovation. What extracurriculars/projects can I do during this summer to make myself stand out as an applicant?


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2 years ago

Hi there! So it seems like you are interested in technology as well as leadership. You may want to reach out to some non-profit organizations that you know of and ask if they need a website/campaign designer. If they are having events online, need someone to structure and organize their website or need someone to make flyers, you could volunteer to do it!

If you don't already, try to have a resume available so they know what past experience you have had. Don't be afraid to go ahead and email some nonprofit owners. Also, you could look on VolunteerMatch in the "Computers & Technology" section to find some businesses who are in need of graphic designers or website developers. I'll put the link below.

Good luck!


2 years ago

There’s a lot of different clubs you could join or start during the school year. But during the summer you can also research different programs for high school students. Pre-college programs are good because you can any academic interest and there are a lot of internship type things you can do too. If you’re willing to go through the whole application process, MIT has a lot of really interesting computer science and research programs. Hope this helps :)


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