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How Can I start preparing for my SATs and ACTs in class 9th?

I am writing blogs,practicing esaays and thinkimg to open my own NPO. I am in class 9th now so I want the suggestions how can I prepare well to get into harvard? How can I prepare for my SAT score. I am from India and dont have much resources.

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As listed, Khan Academy is a great way to start preparing. However, the first thing that I would do is understand the difference between the ACT and the SAT. Both tests are fairly similar, but you may find one test better suited for you. There are many free practice tests online available to print, or just online so go through those. Next, since you were saying you live in India, I understand that there won't be too many coaching centers for ACT/SAT; so, I would look online for practice books. Practice books/Workbooks are probably one of the most effective ways, especially because taking notes in them is so easy. When getting the workbooks I recommend getting "The official ACT prep book" or "the official SAT prep book" (get which ever you want to do). The "official prep" books will have direct tests/lessons from the administrators. Next I recommend getting the "Black Book."The Black book is great for tricks and strategies. The Black book is there for the SAT and the ACT. You must get the Official Prep Book though!!!!!! The Black book uses questions from the "official prep" books, so if you want the Black book you need the one stated before. Another, add on is getting specific workbooks from "Kaplan." Kaplan has great subject by subject books for special SAT/ACT subjects that can help you if you are weak in that section. Good luck with this! Let me know if you have any extra questions at all, I can clarify.

Also, since you were saying that you want to get into Harvard, I would start focusing on enriching your extra circular activities too. Having a great test score is important for Harvard, but having specific passion or standing out from your peers is just as important.

Good Luck!!

4 years ago

Hi! For the SAT I'm using Khan Academy and it's free, I recommend it.

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