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Wondering if any of you had any ideas of extracurriculars for this passions?

Hi! I am from Mexico, and I am extremely interested in research, community outreach, medicine, chemistry, and entrepreneurship. I was wondering if any of you had similar interests and/or any suggestions for any type of extracurriculars.

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If you can, take AP Chemistry, or the SAT Chemistry Subject Test to demonstrate your interest in Chemistry. You could also take college-level Chemistry courses through platforms like EdX or Coursera. To show your interest in entrepreneurship, create a company or organization—one that helps to solve a problem that many people face.

As for research and medicine, volunteer at a local hospital and make connections with Healthcare Providers. From there, ask to shadow them in their practice to see if you are genuinely interested in medicine. Look through the Professors and Researchers at your local University and read through the research papers they've published. Look through their biographies and research interests, and contact the ones with research that interests you inquiring about volunteering in their lab or helping them in any way.

Sorry that I didn't have anything for community outreach, I honestly don't have any ideas for that sector of your interests. Hope this helped, feel free to ask me questions if you have any!

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Volunteer in some local hospital or domestic research institutes. There are some good one in Mexico that have collaborations with US Institutes. Best of luck !


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