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Grade conversions Canada-US?


I have a 94% average in a canadian grading system. It's a grading system out of 100 and you can't go higher no matter what courses you take. How will I convert that to american GPA. All my courses are IB. Do american universities just look at my Canadian grade or will they convert it into GPA format factoring in my class type


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Don’t worry! US universities are familiar with the educational system of Canada and the fact that you get IB courses is a big plus. It would be really helpful if your counselor comments on how challenging is your workload and what is your ranking (eg top 10%, etc) among your classmates. Talk to her or him! Good luck

Our school doesn't do ranking but I am in the top 10%(if not 5%). Is this percentage good enough to get into some place like yale? I assume it probably isn't so if not what percentage mark would you think would be acceptable for yale. (I take all IB courses)
That's a great percentage, and you should be really proud of yourself! That being said, your SAT/ACT score, supplemental essays/exams, and extracurriculars are all also important; where you get into college is not just about your GPA.
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That's about a 4.0 GPA (straight As). You should be proud of your achievements! If all your courses are IB, that probably means your weighted GPA is much much higher (Closer to a 5).

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Using this your 94% out of 100 is equivalent to roughly a 3.73 GPA on a 4.0 scale. This is your unweighted GPA. Colleges will take into account that you take all IB (or AP if your school offers it) and advanced classes, so because of this your weighted GPA will be higher (it will be most likely above a 4).

I only used one chart, and i’ve seen variation in the internet. A lot of websites say it is a 3.90-4.00 since it’s almost a perfect A. This is difficult cause the 100 scale is equivalent to a 4.33 scale which has A+, but the 4.0 class doesn’t go above an A. This is cause a 94 is a high A, so technically it’s near perfect, but in reality it’s not near perfect since there are also A+ grades. I think it’s around a 3.8-3.9 but idk. Sorry for the confusion.