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What ECs should I do if I want to major in neuroscience or psychology?

I am currently a student in grade 10. My grades aren't really good grade 9 I got a 91 and right now I am in the 90's range. Which for my school isn't very impressive. I have a lot of hardworking 95+ students in my grade. And due to some struggles I have and the school system has 0 accommodations available, so I am struggling to bring my grades up. Because of that, I am depending on my extracurriculars to show my talents.

I am aiming to be an academic psychiatrist with Ph.D. in neuroscience so I can help expand research in psychiatry through a neuroscience perspective. So in college, I am either majoring in Psychology and taking a minor in neuroscience or most likely the opposite (major: neuroscience, minor: psychology)

I currently don't have many ECs:

1) I am on my school's swimming team but we are very weak and barely train, while locally we are first (I live somewhere with no sports clubs and barely any resources ) but internationally it isn't significant

2) I volunteered in the 9th-grade summer and worked on a project that aids the inclusion of disabled people

3) I did two business case studies

4) I am doing a psychology essay competition

5) I am thinking of conducting my own research

6) This summer I am going to volunteer at a facility that provides services for autistic people

7) I am self-studying some subjects (Japanese, French, psychology, and neuroscience) which i am planning to expand more so I can add it as an EC. For example, open a YouTube channel about Japanese learning

And that's it. It is worth to mention my school has no clubs except for chess and MUN and none of them are serious. Club members just go chat in meetings. And there is no opportunity to start a club (the school doesn't allow us to start our own). I really don't know what to do. The only things I can actually participate in are single projects and international competitions. Any suggestions?

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@suminy10 months ago

what's the psychology essay competition called?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@zane-1210 months ago

It's John Locke Institute essay competition for multiple subjects.

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10 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you already have a clear idea of what you want to do in the future. Pursuing a career in academic psychiatry with a focus on neuroscience is a very interesting and fulfilling path! Even while your academic performance may not be as strong as that of many of your peers, a strong extracurricular profile can surely make up for it. It appears that you have already begun developing your profile based on what you have said. I'd advise you to look into volunteer and job-shadowing opportunities in your area of interest. Maybe you could find a nearby clinic, hospital, or advocacy group and offer your assistance. You can gain practical experience in the field and show your dedication to the cause through these encounters. Additionally, if you're considering carrying out your own research, it’s such a great idea! Beginning early will offer you an advantage and enable you to advance your knowledge and expertise. You could also contact professors at nearby universities if there are any active research projects that you could help with. Last but not least, I urge you to pursue your hobbies, keep learning on your own, and follow your passion. As you suggested, one way to do this is to launch your own YouTube channel for language study. Demonstrating your initiative and dedication to lifelong learning can be a great asset in your future academic endeavors. I hope this helps! Best of luck!!

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