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Does full IB or not full IB tend to make a difference when you're looking to study something specific like music?

I'm in 11th grade and am currently in a very much liberal arts type of High School. We have a lot of creative opportunities which I like to take part in and feel like have helped me find interest in what I want to look at in the future. I am currently in the midst of thinking about dropping TOK and possibly one of my HLs so that I have more time to further my experience as a creator rather than stress out over classes and grades that seem to have less of a strong tie to my areas of interest.

I still plan to do EE because my question is something I wouldn't learn in class and want to. I am also doing many different CAS type of experiences that are tied to my interests.

I guess I want to know if colleges will look at you differently just because you haven't done the full IBDP and remain with the certificates/credits for doing the "parts".

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Taking a few less classes than the full IBDP will not make a large difference to colleges, especially since you are planning on studying music and the arts. The modified curriculum that you are considering is rigorous enough to make you a competitive applicant to any top school.

Spending more time creating a strong music/art portfolio and pursuing extracurriculars will make you stand out more than a few IB classes. Hope this helps!

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