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Any tips for "spikes" in my profile?

I'm a junior in high school right now. I have a pretty average profile right now in terms of extracurriculars/grades, and am looking for a way to create a spike in my profile. For context, my top choice is Carleton College in MN.

Currently, academically, I've taken three honors classes and will have taken eleven college classes through the PSEO program at my school by the time I graduate. I'm not sure if the difficulty of the classes makes a difference-do the colleges that you're applying to look differently at an improv class versus a writing class?

Extracurricular wise, I have a variety of activities that are in the lower tiers :(:

-Theater is my strongest extracurricular. I've won two state awards for it, and have been propmaster/stage manager in all four productions that I've participated in.

-I've won first prize in the same writing competition two years in a wrong. The competition is run through a local arts center.

-I've babysit at a local church and with local families since my freshman year of high school. I typically do this a few times a month.

-I am currently a member of my school's National Honor Society. I have 20+ volunteer hours.

-I'm a member of my school's Activity Council. I am head of the junior delegation/class.

-I'm a member of the Student Ambassador program at my school, which means that I get to help represent my HS in school events. So, at fundraisers, community gatherings, dinners, etc.

-I'm in Youth in Government.

I plan on talking with my counselor to discuss a special capstone project that I could create that focuses on politics. I'm thinking I could do something to discuss theater and politics, but I'm not sure.

Does anyone have any other ideas for where I could create a spike in interest here?

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a year ago

> I'm not sure if the difficulty of the classes makes a difference-do in the colleges that you're applying to look differently at an improv class versus a writing class.

AFAIK colleges probably won't put any extra consideration if it's not honors or some college-level class. Also for a spike maybe try to create an initiative to raise awareness about something or have a passion project.

Maybe go to a political caucus in your state and ask a senator/representative if there are anyways you could work with them like being a page.

a year ago

A "spike" extracurricular or award is seen as a "spike" when it is applicable to your field of interest or intended major. For example, hypothetically you wanted to major in business, a "spike" could be working at a start up and managing something business alongside there. But from what you provided, if you are trying to major in politics or theater, unique opportunities like writing and publishing political blogs or research pieces can be considered a "spike". Though I am not familiar with Political Science or Theater, I am still sure there are many different organizations, both online and within the community, that can both hone your skills to become a more well rounded student. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me.

a year ago

Look for more volunteer hours and see if you can do more with theater.

See if you can elevate your position in the church and find more competition.

Most importantly, take those competitions because they will help you out

Also look for programs with applications and try to get in.

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