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Is it possible to get my 3.48 GPA to a 3.65 in two months if I get relatively high B's and some A-?

I am currently a Junior in high school and I am taking two honors classes with three regular classes. My freshman year I ended with a 3.6 and my sophmore year I ended with a 3.53. My honors English class is currently bring the GPA down, and my average grade for that is a 76.

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Is your question that you are trying to get your junior year GPA up from 3.48 to 3.65 or your overall UWGPA from 3.48 to 3.65?

If it's the former then the math is easy. To get a 3.65 in the junior year you need the equivalent of 7.30/2 semesters correct? So if you have a 3.48, then you need a 3.82 in your Spring semester to get a 3.65 because (3.48+3.82)/2 =3.65. A 3.82 is like 1/2 As and 1/2 A-s, no Bs.

But if your overall UWGPA is 3.48 then it's impossible to get it up to 3.65 with your Spring Semester because you need the equivalent of 21.90/6 semesters. So you would need a (.3.48+3.48+3.48+3.48+3.48+4.5)/6 or a 4.5 GPA which is not theoretically possible on the 4.0 scale for an unweighted GPA. The most you can get would be a 3.567 GPA is you had perfect As or a 4.0 this Spring semester.

Hope this helps.

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This seems like it might be a bit too high, but I would try using some GPA calculators online to see for sure. Collegevine actually has their own, which I recommend.

Hope this helped :)

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