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Considering these 3 out of state schools for marketing (parents will mostly pay)

ASU- Got in for Marketing (Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications) Toured 4 months ago and was a beautiful campus. Great weather. If I ever DO want to change major, there are so many options. $8500 a year Dean’s Award. However, I heard it is harder to get houses.

UTD - Seems pretty good. Will tour next week. For freshman year, I definitely do like the single rooms but shared bathroom for dorms. I have heard that average class size is less than 50 students and they start to get smaller and smaller in upper level coursework. I like the single rooms best because I am generally an introverted person and require a lot of privacy and space. My family is also thinking of moving to Texas for the better weather from Washington weather, so I can get in state tuition after first year if we all like UTD and Texas in general after the tour. If they decide not to move, I’m definitely not going because it’s hella expensive.

Purdue - Probably most prestigious. Haven’t toured and I don’t have the chance to. But I heard that it is pretty hard to get housing. Since I didn’t apply priority deadline, the chances are very slim that I will get a single room. I guess if I don't get a single dorm, I can fill out a roommate questionare for a double dorm. Classes are over 400 people for some core classes in starting. I don’t know if this is good or bad. Also, it takes a while to get to the airport depending on which airport you go. Also, I am worried about some classes using programming languages such as HTML, Rstudio, and SQL. I know these are easier than Java or Python, but coding is not my thing, lol. If any of you know if these courses are easy or hard, please let me know.


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Hey I honestly don't think your priorities are exactly right with housing. I get being introverted and wanting your own space - I would take a single too if I could! - but unless you have a disability or condition where you need this accommodation, you should try rooming. You'll have to room with someone one day anyway, unless you're rich enough to always live alone, so might as well see what it's like now.

ASU sounds like a great choice considering that you like its campus, the weather, and the Dean's Award. I like that you can easily change your major, that might be useful since we're all at this weird stage in life where we don't quite know what we're doing or if we'll enjoy it.

You're right, Purdue is the most prestigious school here, but yep you should weigh factors like location, cost, and student life, as well as whether you like the idea of having such big classes. It might be a better overall university but not better for you.

UTD is the one that sounds like a big risk and like you're mainly just choosing it for the housing, which again, you really shouldn't do. I don't know how likely you are to get a single in general, they might only make up 1-2% of all rooms and depending on your spot in the housing queue, be all gone by the time it's your turn to choose, especially if the college gives them all to students with documented disabilities. If your family were certain that they're moving and you'll get in-state tuition, it might be worth it, but I wouldn't wait and see.

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