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I am an Indian student and I don't know what to write in the honors classes section since I don't have at my school

I am Indian with a curriculum of CBSE board. I don't have honor or AP classes at my school. . I have been studying modern physics with advanced problems and high level calculas and detailed organic chemistry. I want to add about this but don't know in which section to add. I can't take AP exam rn due to lockdown issues

I am in the senior year and the deadlines are not far...! So how to showcase my knowledge which is recognized by my coaching teachers but there isn't any section or topic to write under?

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@Akhsuna9 months ago

Hi. I passed 12th from CBSE this year (AY 2020-21) and have chosen to take a gap year and so I am filling the applications right now. I would like to know what did you give as the Course Level for the subjects? Regular/Standard or AP.....because I'm in the same situation as you since even I couldn't take the AP exams.

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2 years ago

To clarify, have you been taking those advanced classes at your school? In that case, they will be listed on your transcript. If they were unofficial classes, you can write about them in the Additional Information section, or ask one of your teachers to write you a recommendation.

Admissions officers understand that students abroad have different school systems and might not have access to AP, IB, and honors courses. The important thing is to take the most challenging classes available to you.

Hope this helps, and comment if you have further questions!

2 years ago

Hey. I am an indian student too and I too study in CBSE school. I know that there are no AP classes. But I just discovered that we can take AP classes online

Edx is a platform by MIT and other universities where you can take online AP classes of any subject.

Khan academy is also there.


but can you please tell how you will be giving AP exams as the condition is not good.


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