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Where should I do my bachelors and what are the benefits?

Hello, my name is Carlos. I am currently having doubts on this as I am from Puerto Rico and I graduate next year. The issue is that my dad wants me to study in Puerto Rico, since it's cheaper. Though I do not mind where I obtain my bachelors degree from, what are the benefits of doing my bachelors in the United States compared to Puerto Rico? And where should I do my bachelors?

In addition: I do have emails from universities such as Iowa State University, Lynn University, etc.

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Hi Carlos!

Yes, tuition in the USA is notorious for being expensive. The FAFSA, the federal application for financial aid, can be very unfair and unhelpful. If your only concern is cost, I would do your bachelor's in Puerto Rico and try to come to the US after you graduate to seek a job, possibly go to graduate school.

The main advantage of seeking education or a job in the US is there are far more opportunities to network and seek a higher-paying job that you want, even though the cost of living in cities with many job opportunities like New York City and Los Angeles is high. I don't think you count as an international student since you live in a US territory, but I could be wrong. It depends on your high school and background, but if you're a good student with achievements, strong extracurriculars, and decent grades/test scores, colleges here will want you and possibly give you merit-based scholarships that will help pay for college. If you can file the FAFSA for need-based aid and apply for other scholarships, especially based on your Puerto Rican descent or other factors, you can lower the cost even more.

I would say research the costs and benefits/downsides more, but ultimately try to apply to colleges in both the US and Puerto Rico. When you get acceptances and financial aid offers, compare and make your choice. Just make sure not to apply ED because if you get in, you have to attend and get less aid.

By the way, emails from colleges often don't mean anything. They just want to attract more applicants so they accept a smaller proportion of students and appear more selective, which future applicants mistake for prestige.

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