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What are law-related activities I should do over the summer to put on college applications?

I'm currently a high school sophomore (rising junior), and I'm interested in pursuing the legal field in college. I plan to start a mock trial team at my school in my junior year, but I'm not sure as to what activities I should do over the summer (relating to law). I know that there are pre-college programs and internships for law, but many of them require a tuition or payment.


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While pre-college programs and internships may be difficult to come by as a high school sophomore, there are still plenty of opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in the legal field.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Volunteer at a law firm, courthouse, or legal aid organization: See if there are any local law firms, courthouses, or legal aid organizations that would be willing to take on a high school volunteer. You may be able to assist with administrative tasks, observe court proceedings, or help with client intake.

2. Shadow a lawyer: Reach out to lawyers in your community and ask if you can shadow them for a day or two to gain insight into their daily work. This can be a valuable learning experience and may help you decide on a specific legal career path.

3.Participate in a summer law program: While some pre-college programs and internships may come with a hefty price tag, there are still affordable summer programs available that can provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the legal field. Look online for summer programs offered by universities or law schools, as well as community college courses in legal studies.

4.Start a legal blog or podcast: If you have a passion for writing or public speaking, consider creating a legal blog or podcast. This can be an excellent way to showcase your interest and knowledge in the legal field, and it can also help you develop your communication skills.

5.Participate in mock trial competitions: While you plan to start a mock trial team at your school in your junior year , participating in mock trial competitions over the summer can help you gain valuable experience and skills. Look for local or regional competitions that you can participate in, or consider attending a mock trial camp or workshop.

6.Attend legal seminars or lectures: Check if there are any legal seminars or lectures being offered in your area over the summer. These events can provide you with an opportunity to learn from legal professionals and gain insights into the current trends and challenges in the legal field.

7.Read legal books and articles : Reading legal books and articles can help you build your knowledge and understanding of the legal field. Check out books from your local library or read articles from reputable legal publications or websites.This can also prepare you for any potential college applications, as it shows that you are taking the initiative to learn more about the field on your own.

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