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07/17/2020 at 01:28PM

Hi!I need some guidance to what classes I should take sr year to make myself competitive enough for schools in the fall!

I'm a rising senior and am doing course selection. I am looking at top colleges like BC & BU.

So far I have taken 3 AP classes (Euro, Lang, Env. Science) and all honors classes. My intended major is political science & international relations, and so far I have done a good job in taking classes that reflect that. However, I have the option of taking AP Gov, AP Spanish, and AP Literature for AP classes that would also aid in my college cohesion, but I am not sure how competitive I am because there are 13 total AP's offered @ school. I do not want to overwhelm myself, especially since I will be filling out college applications also, so do you guys recommend I take these 3 or if I were to have to omit one class in order to not overwhelm myself, which one would you advise?

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07/17/2020 at 03:42PM

I would take them all. BC/BU are competitive schools so I recommend you take all 6 of those AP classes. Worst case you can take them all and then drop after first quarter/semester if your grades aren’t good. Realistically all you have to do is keep up good grades until you apply, and if it’s really a challenge you can drop after. I think if you had to omit one, it would be AP lit since gov and language are MUST-takes for a polysci-ir major (that’s what I’m gonna major in also, so I can relate). I understand that you don’t wanna overwhelm yourself, so in order to prevent that, you should get all of your essays out of the way now, and apply to bc/bu/whatever your top school is early (as long as you have a reasonable chance to get in). If you get accepted, you don’t have to do any more apps for the rest of the year and then you can focus on your AP classes. Hope this helps!

Accepted Answer
07/20/2020 at 02:56PM

You should take all 3 of those APs if you can handle the course load. With 13 APs offered at your school the more APs you can fit in the better it will look for your course rigor. Schools like to see that you're challenging yourself as much as possible, and while the difference between taking 5 APs or 6 might not be too great, it will still be beneficial for you to take 6. The fact that your other classes have been honors classes is a good thing too. If you do decide you only want to take 5 APs than the one you should drop is AP Lit since it's less relevant to your intended major than the other 2.

While taking 6 APs will be better for you than 5, it only makes sense for you to do if you're confident you can handle the work load. If adding that 6th AP will put a lot of stress on you to the point where you think your grades or ECs will suffer because of it then it's not worth doing. Senior year and applying for college is an already stressful process, AP and honors classes can be a lot of work, and your mental health is important. Coming up with an organized plan, sticking to a routine, and starting the application process early can all help reduce the stress of applying to schools. If you take the necessary steps to avoid getting burnt out you'll be fine. Don't feel bad if you end up not taking the 6th AP class. I don't think the difference of 5 or 6 APs will be enough to be the determining factor on your application.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@e07/20/2020 at 08:06PM

thank you both so much!!!!