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How to classify magnet courses in chancing profile

Hi, I have a quick question.

I am a rising junior in at a public magnet HS. Most of the magnet courses have been reviewed by a committee of educators, including university personnel, and deemed to be college level work. Therefore such courses carry weighted GPA credit equivalent to Advanced Placement courses. Some are year long, others only one semester long.

For the chancing profile, can I plug them in as APs or should they be honors ?

My school district does not weight honors classes.

Thank you

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4 years ago

Hmm: this is tough since they are not technically AP courses, but if they are deemed equivalent level (same weight/rigor) then yes, I would put them down as APs. I recommend that you try to take the AP exams that overlap with the subjects (I am assuming you’re at a stem magnet HS like Bronx Sci or something like that, so you could tae the science/calculus AP exams). Since your school also doesn’t have honors I would put them as APs. Normally it wouldn’t count for that level, but if they’ve been deemed equivalent level then sure, for college vine’s algorithm, put them in as APs. Colleges won’t count them as actual AP classes when you’re applying but they’ll recognize that they’re equal-level classes.

4 years ago

If they give college credit I’d say list as AP or if these serve as prep classes for the AP test consider them AP classes. But if neither of those 2 criteria are met I’d consider it honors.

That’s for admissions

But for CollegeVine algorithm I’d say split all of the Magnet courses down the middle so 8 magnet courses becomes 4 honors and 4 AP as they are better than honors but compared to AP they aren’t as good

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