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are my sat and act good enough for top schools?

I have one sat score and one act score. ive already taken the sat a second time and am awaiting my score, and i plan to take it a third. i dont plan to take the act again. my sat is a 1360 (730 reading/writing 630 math) and my act is a 30 (24 science 27 math 34 writing 36 reading.)

right now im considering nyu for film/media and advertising. would these scores be good enough for them? and what can i do to raise my sat?


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a year ago

Honestly, it's not "good enough" for specifically NYU. In the 2020-2021 Common Data Set for NYU, and it's only gotten more competitive, the 25th percentile score of people admitted was 1390 and the 75th percentile score was 1510. Same mid-50 range for ACT was 31-34. If your SAT and ACT don't fall in that range, it's not good.

Tips: You shouldn't take either test more than three times, especially if you study harder each time, since you'll just get demotivated from there and not give the same effort. You scored about the same on both the SAT and ACT, so I doubt you would have much of an advantage taking one over the other. If you like the SAT more, take that. There are plenty of online and physical resources like Princeton Review and Khan Academy you can use to study/review, I would also look up some of the hardest problems that have come up and study these. You can take practice tests on your own time and look into test-taking strategy if timing is an issue, too.

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