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Hi! So I am a HS junior planning to go to med school. I am currently taking classes at a CC and would like to continue my gen ed classes there. I was just wondering if I should apply to colleges next year and then defer until I am done all my classes at CC and go on to do the classes for my major, or if I have the same chances of getting in as a transfer student? I am a good student with 3.9 GPA, and all the schools on my list are safeties (because I want to stay close to home).

Also, how do medical schools view gen ed classes at CC?


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First, I would ask you if you are ready for a massive change in scenery and academic environment when you are already part of the way through your minor.

If not, the option to defer is definitely a better idea. You will most definitely be, as you put it, "close to home," and this is also a beneficial financial choice, as a community college is nowhere near as expensive as a public or private university.

If you are willing and able to transfer to another school, your chances of admission will likely be higher than they would be normally, especially if you maintain your excellent GPA. Additionally, most in-state public universities accept credits from community colleges in their state.

You also mention that all the schools you would apply to are safeties. This definitely opens the door for scholarships, which would lighten your financial load significantly. If you decide to transfer, I would recommend applying for some of these scholarships as well. Best of luck!

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