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I am a rising senior and I received my AP Scores. I am planning to major in Pre-Med but I got a:

AP Chem: 3

AP Macro: 5

AP Stat: 5

AP Lit: 5

Should I send in my 3 on AP Chem to elite colleges? I am also planning to apply to BS/MD programs so I doubt even if I got a 4 on the exam I still would not even get credit for the course since I have to take it as a requirement anyways. I ended the class of AP Chem with an A but it showed up as pass on my transcript since my school turned all classes pass/fail so I am strong in chemistry but the exam does not prove so. Please let me know!


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4 years ago

Just a heads up, pre-med isn't a major, it's a group of courses you take as pre-requisites for Medical School. You can major in virtually anything of your choice, and still take the pre-med courses (Chem, Bio, Physics, Calc, etc.) Medical Schools will not let you use AP credits to fulfill the pre-med course requirements.

Just like @CameronBameron said, not sending the AP Chem score would definitely raise a red flag, and in your situation, I'm not sure if you'd be able to get away with not sending it, considering your school ended grades using the P/F system. To be honest, you should send it regardless, otherwise, the folks in the admissions offices will be confused. And if you don't end up sending it, explain your reasoning behind it. Also, consider taking the SAT Chemistry test to show that you have an interest in chemistry. It will look great as long as you score well on it.

Hope this helped, let me know if you have any questions.

4 years ago

That Chem test score doesn't look good. If you send it, it will raise more questions than if you didn't send it. I wouldn't say anything if you were humanities major or just applying to a liberal arts college but you are specifically applying to a PreMed program where you are competing with other applicants who have received 5s in AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Human Geography and AP Physics C. And the A in AP Chem doesn't really track with your performance on the AP exam so the readers are either going to think your teacher did a crappy job preparing students to take the exam or was a lenient grader or you had a bad test day. You need to explain the 3 if you submit it and possibly explain why you didn't submit it. Just curious did you already take AP Bio, AP Human Geography, AP Calc, AP Physics? If not why did you choose AP classes that a Business Major applying to UPenn Wharton would take as a HS student?

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