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Currently a rising senior choosing classes.

For reference, I'm planning on applying to a variety of T-50 liberal arts colleges. I want to major in political science.

I attend a HS that partners with a local college. Professors from the college come to our school and teach their courses, so we can get credit without having to leave campus. Each of these classes will be taken for a semester (we have two semesters a school year), unless noted.

Through this program, I'm planning on taking:

-Public Speaking

-Health Science


-Interpersonal Communication


-Lifespan and Development

-Government and Politics.

In terms of regular HS classes, I'm taking:

-Religion (it's required) for a full year.

-American History Part 3-basically US History post 1970.

-Mixed Media Arts

-One study hall each semester

-A full year of ASL III.

I have one more class left to choose. I can take a class centered around CS Lewis, a HS health science class, personal finance, or an advanced art class. For college classes I could take a drawing course.

I'm leaning toward the HS health science class because I've heard that it's easy. However, what do you guys think? I don't want to take the college drawing class because I don't want to have too many art classes on my application, I know that some of the colleges I'm looking at prefer students whose focus isn't the arts. I've already taken two art classes and need two more to complete the requirement.


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