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Hi, I am currently doing AS-level and planning to go to a university in the us, and I researched for many universities and found out they require to fill out the common app as a requirement and also for getting a financial aid, so when should I exactly start my common app form and when should I start working on the essays from the common app.


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10 months ago

You should ideally make a common app account and begin your essays the August before your application cycle, when they open the new round of applications. So if you are applying to college this fall, you can begin your common app on August 1st. If you want to begin earlier, the common app prompts typically stay the same from year to year, so you could just google them and begin your essay anyway.

Keep in mind, common app is just one small portion of what you'll have to do. It's your one stop for uploading your identifying info, transcript, and extracurriculars as well as your primary essay. But most US schools also have supplementary essay prompts of their own (often a little shorter than the common app one). You're going to have more difficulty as an international student getting fin aid. Since you can't fill out the FAFSA, you're going to need to check for each school how you can apply for aid or loans (many will have separate forms to fill out).

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