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So I have just reviewed my extracurriculars and would like to know whether it is good or not

So currently I am a junior and my high school GPA is at a 3.78 but could go up a little bit. My SAT score is 1400 and I am going to retake the SAT to get a higher score.

I am also taking a lot of STEM related AP classes mainly so there is a spike there.

However, in terms of my extracurriculars, there does not really seem to be much going for me and part of the reason was because of COVID in 9th grade where it was really difficult to really participate in many extracurriculars and while I did participate in Mu Alpha Theta even in 9th grade, it wasn't really the best situation and I missed out on visiting a bunch of clubs due to the whole online school situation and the only reason I got into Mu Alpha Theta in 9th grade was because of me being in a competition math class and if I had chosen another math class, I wouldn't have had any extracurriculars. It was only really in 10th grade that I actually was able to explore extracurriculars but instead of 9th grade being that year, 10th grade turned into exploring extracurriculars making it harder for me to participate in that many last year.

It was only really this year that I was able to be more "productive" in terms of my extracurriculars.

I am currently a member in the science national honor society, mu alpha theta, DECA, computer honor society, and also chess club and am somewhat well known in the cybersecurity club.

So with regards to SNHS and mu alpha theta, I am just a member not much going for me there but I did tutor as part of those two clubs especially in mu alpha theta where I tutored math to people who needed help and actually went a good number of times.

With regards to DECA, I have gotten a tiny leadership position and am part of the leadership council where basically I act as the class leader. I have also won a regional and state award in one of the marketing events for DECA and am also certified in small business.

I have also won many regional chess competitions especially in middle school and also am currently a chess competition captain.

I am also going to start tutoring in schoolhouse.world calculus and physics and build up my portfolio there.

In addition, me and the current cybersecurity president are thinking about running like a county-wide cybersecurity competition and convention end of May so is this enough to tilt my spike and so it would make my DECA involvements make more sense in the narrative.

While these seem like a lot of extracurriculars, I don't exactly see a spike not that it is too broad either, because my activities do seem STEM based but it still looks kind of wide and maybe DECA is a little out of place and even with the cybersecurity competition that will show how I am applying my business skills to STEM things, I don't thing it is enough.

Outside of school, I am also somewhat involved in the physics stack exchange and I do have a lot of points but nowhere near the top.

I would also be getting a bunch of leadership positions next year especially in the computer science

My interests are in applied physics/mechanical engineering/electrical engineering.

Haven't decided exactly what I will major in yet but I have some time to decide.

So is there anything I can do to improve my extracurriculars especially for top colleges? Do senior year extracurriculars matter or is it already too late? This year was the first year I participated in the Olympiads and I personally think I may have a chance if I study next year and would like to know if I may still be able to put them in the application.

My reach school would be the top 30 schools and my match school would be UF.

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