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some essay topic ideas help!!


Hey! can anyone help me think of a topic? Im having a hard time deciding on my topic. I recently moved schools my junior year. I thought about maybe doing about how i didn't make the cheer team and how i grew from it. Or about how music has changed my life. Ive had a hard time coming up with creative ones. i use to dance and cheer. Im not too sure. if anyone can just list some topics or really anything that i can grow from there!


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I believe that if you dove a little deeper and brainstormed how moving schools junior year has affected you and what you have gained from that, you will be able to find an essay topic there. I advise to not write about not making the cheer team and how you grew that because it might be a little generic. I believe many people write about not making a team. Furthermore, you could write about your passion or your deep interest in something. I have heard that someone wrote their essay on their love for Costco and the ivy league schools were very impressed. At the end of the day just make sure that the essay reflects who you are and how you are unique from everyone else. To get started, ask yourself "what makes me unique?" and "what matters to me?"

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The best essays 1. show the admissions officers something about who you are and what matters to you, and 2. are stories only you could write because it's unique and personal to you. I think the cheer team story could be a good essay if you connect it to something important in your life (for example, if because you didn't make the cheer team, you joined [fill in the blank] and discovered a passion for it) and went in depth on how you grew and changed as a result of the experience.