a year ago
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How do you know what you want to do with your life?

Exactly what it says.

I have changed my mind like 100 million times over the past couple of years and have no clear direction for what I want to do.

I was wondering how you do you truly know what you want to do. Do you follow money? Or do you follow your passion? Do you just kind of pick something I hope that you like it? Or do you heavily research it/ intern at careers that you interested in?

I’m so confused and I know I have time but I feel like I say something when people ask me.

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a year ago

Luckily for me the things I find passion in also make a lot of money!! I would say you have to be a little lucky or maybe pick something that makes a lot of money then try and see if it's something you find passion in.

Good luck on you journey!!

🎤a year ago

What if the things that you have passion in don’t make a lot of money? I love writing, reading, and history, but there are not many careers that make a lot of money in those fields.

Right now, I want to be either an archaeologist, editor, journalist, or historian. I was researching salaries and these careers don’t make nearly as much as I hoped.

What do you recommend?

a year ago

Well if I was in such position I would probably go to a field that is relatively similar to things that I like for example If I liked mathematics but it didn't have any good careers then I would look for something that requires the knowledge of mathematics and is similar in way and that would be programming, programming makes good money if you can get into a big company and also you are still using mathematics along with programming languages to solve problems which is what you happen to find passion in, so maybe try to look for fields that may require the knowledge of archaeologist, editor, journalist, and historian or maybe you can start a job at one field such as either archaeologist or historian and do journalism on your own on the side to make extra money or even start a business regarding journalism and/or editing. I personally think that this a really important and difficult decision in your life so it would be better to talk to a lot of people on this matter especially close friends and family.

Good luck on this precious journey!!


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