7 months ago
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How do you know what to do with your life?

Exactly what it says.

I have changed my mind like 100 million times over the past couple of years and have no clear direction for what I want to do.

I was wondering how you do you truly know what you want to do. Do you follow money? Or do you follow your passion? Do you just kind of pick something I hope that you like it? Or do you heavily research it/ intern at careers that you interested in?

I’m so confused and I know I have time but I feel like I say something when people ask me

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7 months ago

I felt the same way for a really long time, but then I found journalism and it just felt right in my heart. I then joined my school's newspaper in order to confirm my love for it. I would recommend trying different clubs and community activities to figure out what exactly you are passionate about. There's no clear cut way to figure it out, but once you get that "just knowing" feeling, everything starts to make sense.

🎤7 months ago

I was thinking about journalism too! I have always loved to research (about the people in the world, not sciences) and have adored writing, especially research essays in class.

My school doesn’t have a newspaper of any sort. Is there anything else that you would recommend that would be similar to that?

7 months ago

You could start your own podcast where you research things you like and talk about them, or just start writing pieces for fun! I personally am really into true crime, so I write stuff about that and will record podcast episodes with my sister just to get a feel of how my writing skills are.


7 months ago

I'm facing the same problem. Ever since I got internet access I've been taking several career quiz from all over the net and also from University website. But Evey time Im getting different results. Im frustrated. But I'm still trying to figure out. I have one/two month before College admission and I only know that I want to do something that requires practical learning rather that theoretical. Up untill now I shortlisted four majors which really interested me and has many job opportunities.

1.Biomedical engeneering


3.Environmental science


Im confused between them cause I don’t know how much chemistry and math they will need as I'm week in both math and chemistry. Also I'm interested in research.

I hope you can find what you like. You can try taking career quizes. They Won't give you exact answer but You'll know what option you may like


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