2 years ago
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Sat Subject test

Do I need to have any SAT subject tests? I want to major in psychology and im not sure if i need a subject test. I am taking sat and acts. Im also applying to florida schools. im an incoming senior by the way!


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2 years ago

So the big name schools in FL FL and FL St both don’t require subjects tests but they can be a boost. As for USF and UCF with their low admit rate if you have strong near top 25% scores you don’t need them but if you are in the bottom 50% I’d recommend them. So largely no but depends on GPA SAT scores and to a lesser degree rigor. As for Miami I can not tell you but FIU and FAU you don’t need them.

2 years ago

Check the Florida schools you are planning on applying to, just to see if they have a requirement for SAT Subject Tests. Some programs do, some programs don't.

In the case they don't require SAT Subject Tests but accept SAT Subject Test scores, then it wouldn't hurt to take a test or two. Take a look at the list of tests offered, and see which ones interest you the most! Also, since you plan on majoring in Psychology, definitely consider a test like the SAT Microbio test. Unfortunately, the CollegeBoard doesn't offer SAT Psychology tests.

Hope this helped! Please feel free to ask questions if you have any.


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