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Can't decide major

I'm an average student and I am not good at Math and Chemistry. I'm interested in these majors but Im not sure which one to take.

1.Biomedical engeneering


3.Environmental science

4.Computer science

Can anyone help me choose? Which one would be suitable for me?


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a year ago

Have you thought of jobs like archeology and psychology? They involve research, but are much more practical than theoretical.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend that you go into something that you’re not good at and are not interested in. That’s just a bad match to do the opposite. If you are not the best at something and don’t enjoy it now, there is no reason to explore that field. I wanted to do something like that myself, exploring research, but then I realized I was horrible and I hated both my math and science classes. Follow the classes that spawn your interest, for me that was history and English. Now I want to be an editor, historian, or archaeologist. You might have one class that you heavily enjoyed and loved going into each day, mine was AP Human Geography, and go from there.

Also, look at what you do after school. Your passion and your hobbies hold the key. For me, I loved writing, working on essays, and reading. If you have something you like, you can always make a career out of it.

Don’t pick careers based on how they sound. Pick careers based on your passion and abilities, otherwise if you don’t, it is more likely that you will regret your decision. Remember you can always change your major or career later in life, so use your youth to follow your interests and try them out.

If you want to comment things under this post that you enjoy, I would be more than happy to help you figure out something you want to do.

There is also a book called “What Color is Your Parachute” that I recommend you check out.

Hope this helped!!!!

a year ago

All of these subjects (especially the first three) will require you to take chem, math, and/or statistics courses. Why don't you look into the humanities and social sciences? For example, some economics programs can focus more on behavioral economics, this is still a very useful major. Find an overlap between your interests/strengths and your goals for the future if you have any.

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